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Residential Commissions

A commission is a special process that invites the patron into a collaborative project that always leads to a magical outcome. The artwork is often inspired by paintings I have previously created and then given a novel direction that is specific to the experiences and lives of the client. Occasionally my task is to interpret the needs of specific commercial enterprise and design artwork appropriate to their cause. In both cases entering into this shared venture is always fascinating to me because of the inevitability of wonderful results.

To begin we have a conversation regarding the concept. Once we’ve agreed upon the direction we discuss size, placement, timing and budget. From there I begin developing initial sketches. Once we both decide on which satisfies the objective I’ll create a finished drawing which provides more information, detail, form and overall excitement as we move forward. The next step, if needed, is the color maquette which is small painted version of what the grand finished painting will become. Each step is integral to ultimately insure the creation of a fantastic piece of art.

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