Much of my artwork re-imagines still life painting. I enjoy discovering and boldly expressing the figurative in objects such as rocks, pillows, donuts and fruit. It is a form of portraiture and figurative painting that exists beyond the narrow definition of still life.

My artwork also probes the timeless nature of farm labor. Both of my grandparents were farmers and this is my contribution to the harvest.

I create parallel series of paintings, several themes at once, in an effort to fully explore my interests. The results are often very large depictions intended to be a source for contemplation.

My paintings are both oil and acrylic and I always use sketchbooks and charcoal drawings to cultivate project ideas. This is especially helpful in communicating with clients during the commission process. The themes I explore include desire and connection through agriculture, labor and the relationship between food and emotions within which we are all inextricably entangled.

Most recently I completed two large murals for a new state-of-the-art bio-tech building in Emeryville, California. One depicts the diverse history of the region and the other imagines its future.