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A painting or mural can be designed and created especially for you and your space.

A commission is a special process that invites the patron into a collaborative project that inevitably leads to a magical outcome. The artwork is often inspired by paintings I have previously created and then designed and customized to the desires, experience, life, and heart of the client. Occasionally I am tasked to design a site-specific piece for a commercial space, creating artwork appropriate to their theme. In both cases entering into this shared venture is always satisfying, makes a great story and leads to a beautiful creation. Every commission I've had has been a fun experience for both/all parties.

To begin, we have a conversation regarding the concept. Once we’ve agreed upon the direction we discuss size, placement, timing and budget. I then develop initial sketches, and together, we choose the composition. Next, I create a finished drawing which provides more information, detail, and excitement as we move forward. If needed, I paint a small color maquette of what the grand finished painting will become. This partnered process insures the creation of a fantastic piece of art.

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